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Ray talks about fishing White Bass when they are schooling, usually around the middle of June. Remember this for next year! Perfect for taking the family out and fishin’.

Check out Ray’s catch from Memorial Day 2021 with a spooner bait. Whaooo! 

Ray talks about a rod he got from Walmart. Finding the right lure and rod combo is important to your success.

Ray fishing on Truman Lake in Missouri talking about how to save money on lures.

Ray talks about how to save money with this line saving tip for most spinning and bait casting reels.

Here Ray talks about you can save money on reels.

Watch this quick catch and release on a beautiul fall day.

Ray shares a great tip about his buzz lure and how to get that unique squeaking noise.

Ray shares an important life saving tip on the best glasses to wear to improve your vision as the sun sets.

Learn about towing and tire pressure here in this money saving video.

Ray shares one of the reasons this sport is so awesome!

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